Travis is a Brooklyn-based indie filmmaker and award-winning screenwriter. He writes, directs, films, stars in, edits, and produces his own films.


His films range from neo-noir heist thrillers, to arthouse horror flicks, to experimental romantic dramedies.

His screenplays have won awards at several film festivals, including being selected as a TV Pilot Winner at the Wild Bunch Film Festival and a Semi-Finalist at the LA Crime and Horror Film Festival.

Additionally, Travis has self-published several books and has had hundreds of articles published a number of online media outlets, including ScreenRant and The Good Men Project.

What's New

Swing Low

Pilot Screenplay

(Series Bible also available)

In the pre-Civil War South, two sisters escape slavery and blaze a violent trail of revenge against a powerful network of southern plantation owners.

The Camcorder

A look at a couple's love story through their text messages.



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