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Long live the spec script

SWING LOW landscape credit.jpg

Swing Low

Pilot Screenplay

(Series Bible also available)

In the pre-Civil War South, two sisters escape slavery and blaze a violent trail of revenge against a powerful network of southern plantation owners.

Branches Landscape (1).jpg

The Branches on My Hand

Feature Screenplay

When his girlfriend gets pregnant, an aspiring race car driver gets wrapped up in a small town's drug trade while trying to provide for his future family. Meanwhile, his best friend tries to reconnect with a long-lost love and his girlfriend struggles to define her own self-worth.

constitution-62943 (1).jpg


Short Screenplay

A famous actor who plays a lawyer on a hit TV show decides to run for president, running a campaign with the notion that people will believe anything.

paper-1100254_1920 (3).jpg

A Broken Clock

Stage Play Script

Cesar is a writer, desperately searching for inspiration in a world that he's all but lost hope in. His manager is pressuring him for a new best-seller, but the words just aren't coming to him. Amara is a happy-go-lucky girl who lives each day like it's her last. She dances her way into Cesar's heart as their vastly different paths in life cross for a brief moment.

Of All the Money Option 4.jpg

Of All the Money

Feature Screenplay
Semi-Finalist at the LA Crime and Horror Film Festival

Based on actual events.

One of the largest bank robberies in history serves as a backdrop for a tale of love and friendship. Ryan and Chloe fell in love in high school, and their love only grew stronger with the passing of time. However, when an old friend brings them to Brazil to help rob the Central Bank in Fortaleza, their relationship experiences the ultimate test of endurance. Their seemingly picture-perfect life together becomes a struggle for survival as a dark underworld of crime tries to consume them entirely. Bloodshed and corruption ensue as they fight their way through the aftermath of the record-breaking bank heist.

Request a copy.

Perfect Ashes option 1.jpg

Perfect Ashes

Drama Series Pilot Screenplay

In a post-apocalyptic United States, a man searches for the former president, whom he blames for the decrepit state of the world, among other personal things.  His journey takes him across the country, dealing with moral dilemmas, inner demons, and desperate survivors. 

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